Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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(aka Mr. Cuc)

Age: 4




Zoyas is approximately 4 years old and is one of the youngest residents at Tacugama. He was rescued in December, 2005 from a remote village near the Liberian border. His mother was killed by a hunter and the infant abandoned.

Zoyas arrived in a terrible state. He was wounded, dehydrated, weak and mentally traumatized. He had gun shot fragment wounds lodged in his head, neck and feet. He also had a deep infected wound around his ankle where he had been tied for days with a rope. The Tacugama team worked around the clock to mend the little infant.

With excellent medical care and much love, Zoyas has completed his health checks and has joined an infant group of seven. All of them are orphans from the awful bush meat and pet trade, rescued from various parts of the country.

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Communication: because chimps live in complex family groups, they use a wide range of auditory, visual and tactile signals adapted both for distant and close communication. Chimpanzees have been called the noisiest of all African animals! With loud calls, they can wander far within their territory and still stay in contact with community members.

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