Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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How to Support Tacugama

Adopt a Chimp (Wildlife Direct)   |  Donate (Wildlife Direct)

Here at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary we really need your help to support our chimps and staff every day. It costs over US$1,000 each year just to take care of one chimpanzee in the sanctuary and we now have over ninety. We do our best to raise some money locally but Sierra Leone is a very poor country. All the money raised through our adoption scheme goes directly to pay for the care of the chimpanzees, that’s why we don’t offer to send you gift-wrapped soft toys or framed glossy photographs. We’ll send you a certificate and biography of the chimpanzee you’ve adopted and, for Guardians, a DVD featuring “Forest of Hope” - a great documentary with beautiful footage of our chimpanzees. We’ll also keep you in touch with how your adopted chimp is progressing. If you would like to adopt one of our chimpanzees there are two options: Chimpanzee Sponsor, and Chimpanzee Guardian. To choose which chimp you would like to adopt then please go to our How to Adopt page. Thank you for your support - it really makes a difference.
You can make a donation of any size through the Wildlife direct by following the link above.

Wildlife Direct are a not-for-profit organisation we use to host our blog and also through which to receive donations.

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If you would like to visit Tacugama, we run guided two tours a day at 10:30am and 4:00pm, 7 days a week by appointment. The entrance fee is Le 40,000 & Le 15,000 for children. The fee for indigenous Sierra Leoneans is Le 10,000 for adults and Le 5,000 for children. Please call us first to make an appointment so we know you are coming. The sanctuary is on the mountain road, keep going past IMATT and through Regent and Bathurst villages. It is then signposted from the main road.
If you are looking to stay a short while out of the heat and noise of Freetown then the eco-lodges are the ideal place to stay.

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To book a tour or lodge call us on: +232 (0)33 611211, +232 (0)76 611211, +232 (0)77 611211 or +232 (0)33 548572.


You can make a world of difference to the chimps of Tacugama by taking just a moment to make a contribution. We appreciate your generous support, and thank you for showing sympathy for these fascinating great apes.


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Chimp Facts

The scientific name for the chimpanzee is : Pan (all) troglodytes (cave dwellers).

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