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At first sight, we couldn't believe our eyes. She was a chimp, but with white hair, one blue and one brown eye. After inquiring the experts, it turned out that Pinkie was the only known albino chimpanzee in the world. When she first arrived at Tacugama late in 1999, she was only weeks old and needed to be cared for at Bala's (the project director of Tacugama) home.

Despite our worries that other chimps might reject Pinkie because of her color, she was successfully introduced to the chimps of Tacugama. The process of her integration to Bruno's group was filmed in the documentary "Tacugama: the Forest of Hope" ("The Amazing White Chimp" in the US) which is now broadcast worldwide.

Unfortunately, on one rainy afternoon of April 2002, after 9 months since the initial integration, was found lifeless in the enclosure. It was very sad to accept the fact and it still is a big mystery how she died. She was not suffering from any illness nor was there signs of being attacked by other chimps or of being bitten by a snake. We came to believe that she might have fallen off from a tree as branches were wet from the rain and could be slippery... But how cruel a fate could be.

Pinkie has touched many people's heart. She will always be remembered and missed by the staff and chimps of Tacugama, her many fans around the world and Pieh, her best pal.

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Communication: because chimps live in complex family groups, they use a wide range of auditory, visual and tactile signals adapted both for distant and close communication. Chimpanzees have been called the noisiest of all African animals! With loud calls, they can wander far within their territory and still stay in contact with community members.

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