Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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Age: 8




Napper is a female chimp of about 8 years old. She was rescued in 2001 as a small baby. Her former owner was a Sierra Leonean soldier, who kept her as a pet. She was confiscated by IMATT soldiers in Simbek.

She received a huge amount of care and attention for several months. Little by little, Napper was gaining mobility in her limbs and nowadays she is almost completely recovered. Napper limps when she walks or runs, but she is able to lead a normal life like the other chimpanzees.

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Communication: because chimps live in complex family groups, they use a wide range of auditory, visual and tactile signals adapted both for distant and close communication. Chimpanzees have been called the noisiest of all African animals! With loud calls, they can wander far within their territory and still stay in contact with community members.

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Last Updated: February 1, 2007