Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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Every day, our driver Haruna brings the daily supplies to the sanctuary.

One of our staff is carrying a big sack of oranges to our storage. (below)

We buy our food supplies in the local market in Freetown and from the villagers around the sanctuary.

In this way we also support local businesses & vendors. Tacugama also provides short-term work for many in the local community.

Meet Our Staff Part II



Checking the Electric Fences

Every morning the electrical fences are checked before we allow the chimpanzees into the enclosures.

Transferring & Releasing the Chimps

Here you see staff transferring a young group of chimpanzees from their night quarters to the fenced forest enclosure.

After the chimpanzees have finished their quarantine period, we integrate them into small social groups. When they have built a network of allies and friends with other chimpanzees, we can release them into a semi-wild environment, where they can live as free and natural as possible.

Educational Tours

We have a number of visitors ranging from villagers, school groups, tourists, law enforcement agencies, conservation organizations, etc…

The visits to the sanctuary is always guided by one of our staff.

Mr. Moses at the Gift Shop

You can see Mr. Willie with a group of visitors above and with school children below. He has been working at the sanctuary since it was opened and has very useful information and many stories to tell about the chimpanzees.

We want all visitors to know after having visited Tacugama that chimpanzees are protected
by the wildlife laws of Sierra Leone. It is illegal to hunt, buy, sell or keep chimpanzees as pets.

  * Photos by Unni Hermansen, Laia Dotras & Dr. Rosa Garriga


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Friends of Tacugama
The following groups make the work of Tacugama possible. See what else they support...

International Primate Protection League

Gorilla Haven

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Arcus Foundation

Kevin Mcphilips Foundation


Thank You John Lydon!


Gola being weighed

Chimp Facts

Chimpanzees are highly social apes
and in the wild they live in large families.

More Facts

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