Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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Ms. Julie

Age: 22


Ms. Julie


Ms. Julie is a joy to have around Tacugama. At 22 years old, she is one of the oldest chimps at the Sanctuary and along with Bruno was partly responsible for the sanctuary’s inspiration. A Scottish businessman, originally owned Julie, but when his contract ended, he simply left her in a cage and returned to the UK. Bala immediately took her into his care. Bruno and Julie have now lived together for 17 years and are extremely close to each other.

Julie gave birth to Jumu in 2004 and has proved to be an excellent mother. She is wise & fair. During feeding time all those chimps who are unable to compete with the bigger boys and girls will surround Julie as she is so gracious in sharing her food with the have-nots.

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Communication: because chimps live in complex family groups, they use a wide range of auditory, visual and tactile signals adapted both for distant and close communication. Chimpanzees have been called the noisiest of all African animals! With loud calls, they can wander far within their territory and still stay in contact with community members.

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Last Updated: February 1, 2007