Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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Contact Information

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
P.O. Box 469 | Freetown, Sierra Leone

232-76-611211 or +232-33-548572

Bala with President Kabbah
Bala Amarasekaran
Project Director
Rosa investigating Kouze
Dr. Rosa Garriga
Clothing distribution in Kissy
Johann Jenson
Marketing & Outreach Volunteer

Harriet at Regent School Library

Harriet Robjent
Education & Outreach Volunteer

Laia receiving gift for her work at the Grand Opening of the Regent School Library

Laia Dotras
Education & Outreach Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities


Chimpanzee Facts

Chimp Facts

Communication: because chimps live in complex family groups, they use a wide range of auditory, visual and tactile signals adapted both for distant and close communication. Chimpanzees have been called the noisiest of all African animals! With loud calls, they can wander far within their territory and still stay in contact with community members.

More Facts

Last Updated: February 1, 2007