Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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Age: 3




Chica is a female chimp of approximately 3 years of age. She arrived at Tacugama the 12th of February of 2006. She is from Kabala, in the north, close to the exceptional National Park of Sierra Leone, where there exists a chimp population of between 600-800 individuals. Chica was bought from a poacher for $30 US Dollars by a local man, who kept her as a pet for four months.

When Chica arrived to Tacugama she was very tiny, dirty and appeared dehydrated. We gave her a glass of milk and some bananas which she took very fast because she was starving. After feeding her, we cleaned the wound that was terribly infected. Although it was very painful for her, she didn’t complain at any moment.

The hardest thing was leaving Chica in her Quarantine cage. She was a little baby and she was afraid of being alone in a new place. So, she started crying in despair. But, slowly, she gained confidence in her new surroundings and started playing with a toy and a blanket, and lying in her hammock.

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Chimpanzee Facts

Chimp Facts

Chimpanzees live in a very complex society. There are clear ranks among the males in a group. The highest ranking male---the alpha male, displays to make sure that everyone knows he is the boss. Sometimes other males, usually brothers, make an alliance to throw out the alpha male from his position. Male chimpanzees groom each other to make their bonds stronger. Because chimpanzees are territorial, the males of the same group patrol their territory together and if they meet other males from another group, they may get into brutal fights.

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