Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme
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1982 - 2008




Augusta, or Oggi, as we fondly call her, is a very special female chimpanzee. She was rescued by Bala in 1994. She was then approximately 12 years old, and owned by a local soldier who inherited her from a mining engineer who was leaving the country. As any chimp in captivity, Oggi became uncontrollable and the soldier had to drug her with Valium to keep her sedated.

See Augusta fishing for termites.

She spent many years chained by the neck in a tiny cage where she couldn’t even stand. We had difficulties socialising her with other chimpanzees except for Gorilla, a soft hearted adult male.

With a heavy heart we announce the death of Augusta. Augie as we fondly call her, was the oldest resident at TCS. She was approximately 25 years old. For more on Augusta please see the Tacugama blog (April 13, 2008).


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